Wedding colors: trends to inspire in 2021

Wedding color ideas to customize every detail

Wedding colors” is the keyword for marriage in 2021. Last year we’ve spent lots of time talking about how to postpone the wedding, but now it’s time to think about joyful celebrations.

Flowers, set up, wedding stationery, and gift bag for your guests. Even though your wedding will be small and intimate, you can personalize every detail with colors.

Wedding color palettes

We already saw the wedding trends for 2021. Elopement weddings will be the protagonist but think smaller about guests and parties doesn’t mean you can’t bring fresh pops of color, new palettes, and print mixing in your marriage.

The key is focusing on vibrant colors such as Light Blue, Green, Lilac and Lavender, Orange, and Yellow. Bold colors that will perfect for decor and worthy of the parties, starting from the table including linens, glassware, and china.

Our tips to design in technicolor

Wedding colors in 2021 speak about candlelight and centerpieces that surprise and delight. But even a colorful flower design that inspires joy, smiles, and vibrancy. How to? For example, light blue is one of the easiest wedding colors to adapt to any season or style, and it’s perfect with pastel colors.

Moreover, lots of green shadows are perfect for bouquets, centerpieces, or other flower arrangements with lilac and lavender.

Think about an updated version of wedding colors

Total white is always a classic in a marriage but it can be updated in a fresh version, using color palettes of orange and yellow. Papaya orange, for example, can bring a touch of a bohemian and artsy, or tropical and lively party.

The real revelation of the 2021 wedding color trends, however, is yellow. Vibrant and shiny, yellow is perfect for sunny and joyful weddings on the beach or in a garden. But if you prefer minimal wedding colors, you can mix earth tones, like taupe, ivory, and dusty rose.

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