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Our experience as wedding planner in Lake Como

Lake Como is one of the most popular wedding destinations in Italy. The lake is simply magical: the perfect background for an elegant and romantic wedding day! Each season offers new scenarios and new charming possibilities. Our team is aware that there is a lot of curiosity about getting married in Lake Como. So, in this article we hope to give some answers for all the brides and grooms from all over the world wishing for a destination wedding in Lake Como.

How much is a wedding in Lake Como?

There is no fixed price for a wedding in Lake Como as for any other destination… it only depends on your choices about venue, vendors and all the details that will make your event unique. Also, it depends on the number of guests you are going to invite and the number of days you wish to spend by the lake.

Anyway, we can help you manage your budget the best way. This is the main advantage of relying on an experienced wedding planner: we can make you save money and time by providing information and reliable local vendors.

Nowadays couples do lots of research about their wedding destinations and when they reach out to us we are often asked questions like: How much does a wedding at Villa Balbiano cost? This is a luxury wedding venue in Lake Como and of course it requires a special budget, but, again, it depends on various factors.

If you are looking for help in planning a custom wedding, something tailored to your needs, you should first determine a budget and then search for the best solutions.

Where can I get married in Lake Como?

When talking about wedding venues in Lake Como, there are a lot of options! All around the lake there are villas and hotels that can be a perfect scenario for the wedding day. Over the years, we had the chance to visit and organize events in many of them.

Among the most prestigious and famous are Villa Balbiano, Villa del Balbianello, Villa Pizzo and Villa d’Este. They all have access to the lake shore and a beautiful view over its waters that also embrace the nearby mountains.

Lake Como is also famous for the many small villages you can find on its shores. Bellagio, Varenna, Lenno, Cernobbio… they are all fisherman’s little towns: picturesque places to have a fairytale-like wedding and vacation. If you are planning about a religious ceremony you will have to choose one of the local churches.

Getting married in Lake Como opens lots of different possibilities, our team at Bianco Bouquet will be able to suggest the best solutions and transform your wedding into a magical experience. Trust a destination wedding planner that already knows the territory and can guide you through all the steps.

How many days should you stay in Lake Como?

We recommend planning at least a weekend stay in Lake Como. Arriving at least one day before the wedding will allow you to rest and enjoy the surroundings while getting in the right mood. A weekend wedding in Lake Como with family and friends is the best way to celebrate!

We can also help you discover the territory and have fun with your guests before and after the wedding. We are used to planning activities for guests like cooking classes, parties, wine tastings, tours and visits. This kind of wedding weekend is becoming more and more popular among couples from around the world because they unite a mini-holiday with a very special event.

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