The wedding concierge: let’s be clear about it

The wedding concierge professional

The word “concierge”, commonly used in the hospitality and tourism sector, indicates a professional figure dedicated to the personal assistance of, in fact, hotel guests or tourists. In a nutshell, it is that person who takes care of booking tours and restaurants or advising on shops and transportation.

However, this term appears increasingly associated with the wedding industry. So let’s try to clarify and answer the brides’ doubts about this professional.

What does the wedding concierge do

The wedding concierge, or the bridal concierge, is a personal assistant of the wedding couple who advises them and helps them in planning their event. For example, he can select vendors and venues for them based on the indications received, or find the best ateliers in which to find the right dress, but his support for the couple is limited to this.

His activity is parallel to that of a wedding planner who instead follows every phase of the organization in detail, deals with vendors, manages the budget, directs and coordinates the wedding day.

Destination wedding and concierge services

In the case of a destination wedding, therefore of a wedding that takes place in a place other than the country of origin of the couple, the wedding concierge acquires greater importance.

In fact, this type of event is generally divided into several days and the couple, as well as their guests, wish to take advantage of the experience to live the area as much as possible by planning, before or after the big day, even extra activities. Not only that, it is often necessary to also organize transfers or tours and think about entertainment for young and old. All activities which, if present, are the responsibility of the wedding concierge.

Wedding concierge of Bianco Bouquet

The Bianco Bouquet team includes the wedding concierge service in the normal planning and support activities for all its couples. Our desire is in fact to make their wedding in Italy an unforgettable experience!

Over the years we have collaborated and established solid relationships with vendors of all kinds, in the north and south of the country, for this reason we are able to respond to every need. Entertainment, dedicated websites, special tours on board iconic fiat 500s, dog sitters, cooking classes… you just have to ask!

The social wedding concierge

There is also the possibility of creating a successful event on social networks too! The social wedding concierge of Bianco Bouquet takes care of the presence on social networks of the bride and groom who wish, on the day of their wedding, to share their joy with distant friends and relatives and at the same time be free to fully enjoy the party.

We can create personalized hashtags that guests can use to share their photos, they will become fun memories of your most beautiful day, but also create a dedicated website and Pinterest boards.

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