What happens if you don’t have a wedding planner

The Importance of a Wedding Planner

In several countries it is almost obvious to call a professional to organize a wedding. Not only in the case of a destination wedding, but also when the marriage takes place “at home”. This is because realizing a perfect event is a real job: you need not only a lot of time to dedicate, but also the right skills and knowledge. Let’s see in 4 points why it is better to rely on a wedding planner and … what can happen doing-it-yourself.

A wedding like lots

Usual location, usual florist, same dishes and also the same band. How many times have you thought: what a boring event. They all look the same! The first reason to call the wedding planner is to live a unique and memorable event, both for you couple and for the guests.

Weddings followed by experts are never the same because they are tailor made, paying attention to the wishes and the needs of the future spouses. No one will get bored because the wedding planner takes care of a well-finished setup as much as an engaging entertainment: creativity and originality will not miss!

Suppliers not skilled enough

Rely on friends of friends who work as photographer or florist can be really risky, as well as entrust a such important event to those who have not enough experience. On the big day you may find yourself in front of a banal flower decorations, which you will not be able to change, while after a couple of months you could browse an album with anonymous photos.

A wedding planning agency, on the other hand, will introduce you to selected high-level suppliers – experts in classy weddings – who will propose projects suitable for the dream wedding. You can choose among the best professionals, always supported by your planner who will take care of the whole process.

Details that escape

The wedding takes place in a beautiful garden, but it rained. The grass is wet and the heels of the guests will sink more than usual. Someone thought to book a marquee with floor in advance? Another scenario could see a sultry sunny day: did anyone provide for sunshades to repair buffet, tables and the poor musicians?

Speaking of bands, have you checked that there are plugs around the area and do not need an electric generator? A planning agency thinks about this and much more with the advance necessary to not panic: details are essential to not ruin the party!


Lack of coordination

It is a big problem if suppliers do not arrive on time on the wedding day, as well as if they do not respect what was agreed. You can’t deal with those issues. You can’t check that the caterer is preparing the mise en place you have chosen, the florist has brought everything is needed respecting the colors of the palette, the venue switched on the air conditioners, and so on.

Throughout the process, the suppliers are coordinated by the agency, so that nobody hinders with the work of others and everything works like an orchestra. Moreover, on the wedding day a number of planners appropriate to the number of guests will be present, to ensure that every aspect is followed and checked, and to be able to remedy to the inevitable incidents of the last second.

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