Tips for a fairytale wedding: a talk with flower designer

Wedding Flower Designer

When you are thinking about the big day, flowers and plants burst into every dream with their colors and smells. No matter the budget, there is no wedding without flower decorations that would enrich and create a more artistic and memorable atmosphere: without ornaments, the event would be… melancholic.

In fact, flower designers manage to transform even the grass into real masterpieces and to indicate every event as a unique one… says Elena Mazzetti from Il Giardino delle Fate!!

Why the couples should chose a flower designer and not a flower salesman?
There are a lot of reasons…these two jobs are very different. The role of a flower designer is professionally important. He/she supervises every aspect of an event, taking into account every requirement of a couple: thinking of the project from an artistic point of view as well as from a logical one. Giving credence to an expert in decorating a wedding means to have a big variety of materials available. You count on an appropriate person in perfect organizational support, have a well-prepared staff – eager to solve any kind of issue (trust me, you will have a lot of them!) – and, above all, a flower designer team is available to make your dream day come true.

The couple should be relaxed from the first moments and till the end, asking everything they need to know. But mainly they should know that if they trust a team of professionals, no one is able to ruin the wedding.

All the brides are thinking of having a lot of flowers to decorate every single location, but then arrives the invoice and… Can you help the couples to understand the value of the flowers and of your actual work?
I have often emphasized the value of what we are doing, showing the couples how their wedding would be with and without flowers: only flowers can create that emotional atmosphere. Fortunately, after the event this fact is always confirmed.

In case the budget is reduced, what the couple should definitely not decline in order to achieve a refined touch?
They should never lose the style and perfectly take care of the details. The project can be concentrated on a small amount of elements, but each of them is cured in an extremely careful way.

Does a perfect bouquet exist?
A perfect bouquet for a bride doesn’t exist, but every bride has her own perfect bouquet!

What are the tips to keep the flowers fresh for hours during the big day?
The first tip is to acquire the flowers of extremely high quality, but this is not enough. It is always necessary to keep up constant hydration of the stems and preserve flowers in a cold space. We also spray them with professional products in order to prolong their continuance and freshness.

What are the tendencies of 2018?
From my point of view there are no particular tendencies. Every couple has its needs that vary depending on tastes, location choice and, last but not least, social media influence, that for already several years have been mixing romantic style with a more natural one, making the colors more pale and dusty. A small new detail that we will be able to see in 2019 is the interpretation of the contrasts of colors when ultra violet, pantone color of 2018, gets to be more expressive.

What does it mean for you to decorate a wedding?
I’m always saying that I am personally getting married 100 times a year because every time I live this moment with the same love and attention as if it is my big day!

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