Where to start…

Tell us about your dream!

In order to realize your dream wedding, we need to know your wishes and expectations. From the first contact, we try to learn as many details and information as we can. We will ask you to imagine your wedding day, what atmosphere you would like to breathe, what kind of location should be the setting for the reception, with how many people you want to celebrate this day, what budget you have in mind for the event. This first step is important for us because it makes us better understand your personalities and allows us to have the basic information to structure the project for your wedding.

Save the date

Have you already chosen the wedding date? Is it flexible? Do you have a favourite time related to a season? The date is certainly one of the first decisions to be made when we start planning.

Depending on the chosen date, we proceed with the selection of destination and venue. If you don’t have a specific date to which you are particularly attached, we can choose it together based on the availability of the locations, and this guarantees a wide range of choice!

Venue scouting

The first most important decision: the choice of the venue. Based on the information you have provided, we share a selection of venues that match your needs and priorities (budget, area, capacity, style …). We always suggest visiting the preferred places in person, before taking a decision, but if it is not possible, you can rely on our suggestions dictated by our experience and a careful analysis of your needs.

This is a delicate step, and we suggest you to keep in mind some important aspects in the choice of the location, such as flexibility and services, distances and logistics, plan B possibilities, in addition to your personal tastes.

Plan all the details

Once the date and place have been set, it’s time to go into details: starting with the caterer and the photographer, we select the suppliers closest to your vision and your needs. We study the stylistic project together by choosing the most suitable suppliers for flowers and arrangements, as well as for entertainment, lighting and invitations.

This is the actual planning phase in which the suppliers are determined and all the services are booked by signing all contracts and related deposits. Our support is obviously constant throughout the communication phase, development of the estimates, confirmation of services and contracting.

Last details to make the difference

The big day is becoming closer and it’s time to finalize the last details. Once all the services are defined and invitations are sent, there are still some small details to think about, which will make the difference!

The care of every detail is our motto! At this point we can proceed with the customization of the event creating additional decorative corners, a photo booth corner and photo sets, welcome gifts for guests, or personalized gadgets. Taking care of the details also means giving your guests a unique experience, and creating an event that will remain in your memory and will be the same for each of your guests.

Enjoy your wedding

Our mission continues with the coordination of the wedding day (and related events if planned!), in which each element must be in its place, and each supplier must carry out its work flawlessly.

Always discreet but present, during the big day we hold the reins of everything and we guarantee that the event proceeds as planned. You only have to fully enjoy your most important day, knowing that everything is going as planned and that your guests are experiencing a unique and unforgettable event!

Discover what we can create for you

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We organize, plan and prepare your bespoke wedding, taking care of every detail



We create a concept that reflects your personality for a unique and unrepeatable wedding



We transform every request into a bespoke service to your needs and your guests