Wedding checklist: the perfect timeline of your event

Wedding planning guide

After the emotion of the proposal, here comes the doubts. Where to start organizing a wedding? How to make sense of the many ideas we have in mind to make a real wedding project? We want to give you some tips to be organized and start planning your special day.

Wedding timeline to do list

Marriage is one of the most important and exciting days of life. We want it to be perfect, exactly as in our dreams. However, this perfection requires order and rigid organization, skills that only a wedding planner can guarantee. Having a professional by your side relieves you of unnecessary stress and ensures you an expert guide step by step.

If, on the other hand, you want to try yourself at organizing your event, we present our personal wedding checklist to help you not forget anything.

Wedding planning checklist timeline

The perfect wedding checklist has a precise timeline to follow. The best time to start planning your wedding is at least one year before the scheduled date.

This is the time to choose the style and design of the event. How? Making a wedding mood board can be of great help. In addition, you should already establish budgets and number of guests, at least broadly. In fact, these will be the details that each supplier will want to know in order to offer you his best proposal.

Wedding agenda: 1 year before

A year earlier, this is the time to choose the best location, the one that best suits the style of your wedding. This is a delicate phase in which there are many aspects to consider: flexibility of schedules and services, distances and logistics, any plan B, in addition of course to your tastes.

It is always preferable to visit the location in person even several times if necessary. The location must be set no less than nine months before the date scheduled for the event.

Planning the wedding: 6 months before

Within 6 months from the event, or even better, as soon as the location will be defined, it is necessary to contact all the vendors such as catering, photographer, floral designer, musicians or DJs, audio and light service, driver, typography and possibly a calligrapher for handmade invitations or tableau marriage.

It’s time to book all these services by signing the contracts and agreeing on an advance for each one. We recommend that you settle the balance a few days before the wedding, so as to arrive at the big day without any other thoughts.

Wedding timeline: 4 months before

We arrived four months before the scheduled date. All that remains is to send the invitations and focus on the last details: these will make the difference!

You can therefore think of decorating corners that you have not yet considered, such as the entrance to the location which can be decorated with a welcome sign for guests. Or you can agree with the venue on the preparation of a corner for the photo booth. Do not forget some gifts for guests, a wedding bag with gadgets and small thoughts that can remind them of your special day.

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