Recommended destinations for an Indian wedding in Italy

How to plan an Hindu wedding ceremony in Italy

Have you ever thought about an Hindu wedding ceremony in Italy? Well, this is our mission! We have already planned this kind of big and traditional wedding. So, we will be glad to support you in every detail and suggest you the best recommended Destinations for an Indian wedding in Italy.

Big venues and traditional rites for a perfect Indian wedding in Italy

First of all, when we talk about an Indian wedding, we have to know two central aspects. The necessity to find big wedding venues that can host big groups of guests from all over the world. And the importance of respecting the traditional culture and rites such as the Sangeet Party before the wedding or the beautiful art of Mehndi.

Often, our couples ask us for two or more venues to host the different ceremonies. Moreover, we have to find wedding suppliers that can fill the desires of the bride and groom according to catering, floral designers for the wedding Mandap, and the perfect entertainment. Well, let’s find out the perfect Italian destinations for an Indian wedding.

Indian wedding in Tuscany for a ceremony in a romantic countryside

When we talk about an Indian wedding, we immediately think about Tuscany, a perfect Destination wedding. Why? Because the Tuscan countryside perfectly hosts the colors and the amazing traditions of an Hindu ceremony.

With its art, culture and environment the Tuscan countryside is one of the recommended Destinations for an Indian wedding. The Chianti area, the city of Florence and the Tuscan countryside offer amazing venues and estates immersed in a wonderful nature. But if you are looking for something really exclusive, in this region you will find places which combine the history of a medieval village with luxury charm.

Plan the perfect Indian wedding in Venice

From the beauties in Tuscany to the beauties in Venice, our mission is finding the most gorgeous Italian Destinations for an Indian wedding. In the last few years, many Indian couples decided to get married in Italy.

Our country is rich in art and culture, and a Venice wedding is surely a good choice. Because this city really looks like a painting. You can reach your wedding and reception venue by gondola. And what do you think about a masquerade ball to mix the Indian and Italian tradition?

Amalfi coast wedding: the right choice if you love sea and sun

Amalfi coast is a unique and charming territory where planning an Indian wedding. The coast attracts tourists and spouses from all over the world. Surprise your guest with the splendid terraces overlooking the sea, and its fragrant citrus gardens. Amalfi Coast is a perfect Destination for an Indian wedding in Italy.

If you love the sea and sun, another top Destination wedding is Capri. In this splendid isle, the places to get married are really many. And what about the best season to get married in this territory? The best seasons are spring, in the months from April to June, and the end of summer, between September and October.

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