How to respect Indian wedding traditions in Italy

Planning an Indian wedding abroad

Whatever the country of origin of future newlyweds who choose Italy for their Destination Wedding, it is essential to plan a ceremony that respects their traditions. BiancoBouquet has organized many Indian weddings in Italy and knows well the needs of the newlyweds. Read more about it!

Indian wedding in Italy, let’s start from the beginning

Planning an Indian wedding in Italy means one meaningful thing: a large number of guests present at the ceremony. For this marriage, the spouses and their families wish to have relatives and friends with them. And, often, these guests come from all over the world.

It is necessary to keep this in mind for two reasons. First of all, the choice of the venues and the logistics management of the entire event. It is also essential can collaborate with a network of reliable suppliers and professionals.

Our tips about Indian wedding facts

An Indian wedding is not a simple ceremony but an event that longs several days. So, it is necessary to identify more than one venue to accommodate the different moments of the Hindu marriage.

In particular, it is necessary to provide a venue to host a welcome dinner for guests the day before the ceremony. During this moment, you can also plan Sangeet, a party with songs and dances dedicated to future spouses. The second venue will welcome the Indian rite and the celebrations that will follow. Finally, a venue to organize a greeting party before the guests leave and where they can maybe stay.

How to plan the Indian wedding rituals

In general, a Hindu ceremony is colorful, rich in flowers and precious setups. As for the bride, great importance is the Mehendi ritual: the decoration of hands and feet with henna tattoos. The designs represent the link between husband and wife. In this case, it is important to contact a makeup artist of these traditions.

On the morning of the wedding, the newlyweds perform two small ceremonies where the bride wears white and red bracelets, the choora. The wedding ceremony will take place under the Mandap, the traditional Indian canopy, often made with flowers. Well, Biancobouquet is ready to plan your Indian wedding in Italy, contact us!

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