Indian wedding in Italy: our advice as experience planners

Planning an Indian wedding in Italy

We had the pleasure of giving a peek into Indian culture by organizing a few magnificent Hindi weddings in Florence. The most beautiful aspect was the possibility to mix different traditions and rituals from Indian and Italian cultures. These experiences fascinated us and contributed to increase our experience in the organization of the Indian wedding in Italy.

Indian design for a colorful wedding

According to traditions, an Indian wedding represents the union of two entire families. For this reason, this kind of wedding lasts several days and hosts lots of guests from all over the world.

The celebrations include different traditional rituals with emotional moments and great parties with colorful and sparkling entertainment. Everything turns around a typical Indian setup, from magnificent textile scenographies with lights and floral decorations to candles and ornamental lanterns.

Indian wedding abroad for a mix of cultures

The peculiarity of the Indian wedding is the long duration of the celebrations and the great number of guests. Lots of future newlyweds and their families want to plan the wedding in several different ways and venues. For this reason, we learned the importance of booking on time and plan the logistics and the transfers of the entire event.

These weddings gave us the opportunity to realize a magnificent event, probably our biggest challenge but at the same time the biggest experience.

How to choose the perfect location for an indian wedding

One of the most important aspects of planning an Indian wedding in Italy is finding the right venues and the right accommodations for the couple, the families, and the other guests. Whatever the location, remember that they have to accommodate even 300 guests and have large outdoor spaces.

Generally, an Indian wedding starts with a welcome dinner in which it’s possible to offer a mix of Italian and Indian food. The night will continue with partying and dancing. The next day is dedicated to the traditional rituals for the future bride, such as the Mendhi, the Indian rite of tattoos. Finally, the third day is the biggest moment of the wedding under the mandap and the great party.

The perfect landscape for an Indian wedding in Tuscany

We have planned some Indian weddings in Tuscany and it was an amazing experience. In particular, one of these was a spectacular event in three different locations for a very special Hindu cerimony and party in Florence.

The Tuscan countryside is the perfect location to celebrate with love and joy. The team of Bianco Bouquet wedding planners is ready to design with you a bespoke Indian wedding. Contact us for more information.

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