Inspirations for a vintage wedding

Organizing a themed wedding is always a perfect choice, especially if you have opted for the vintage style! The term vintage generally means everything that has an ancient flavor, which has been used in the past and has acquired a value given by its history and uniqueness. Vintage is not only a timeless trend, but it is also one of the themes that can be more easily customized and adapted to every detail of the wedding, even using clothes, accessories, and objects related to one’s own history. We have summarized for you some ideas to organize the perfect vintage style wedding!

Ideal venue for a vintage wedding

What is the perfect place? If you desire an elegant and formal reception, we suggest a historic building or an art nouveau villa, and in general a historic villa that has an aura full of charm, and original decorations of the beginning of the 20th century. Alternatively, if you want to maintain a fresh atmosphere and to make the most of open spaces, an ancient borgo could be an excellent solution, as well as the gardens of a country residence.

For the most creative and for who would like to give a urban touch, an industrial archeology complex like an old factory of the end of the 19th century can be a great option. Whatever location you choose, we take care to keep the chosen theme also in the furnishings. Many villas and palaces could have antique furniture and crystal chandeliers, perfect for creating the right atmosphere!

Vintage furnishings and decor are also needed

Even the fabrics and materials should evoke the theme, so we suggest using antique fabrics (for example decorated pillows and frayed organza ribbons), wooden drawers and cabinets, tin and leather accessories (such as old bicycles or old leather armchairs).

The decorations are important but to make a more effective vintage atmosphere, we suggest you to create sets and thematic corners. For example, the photo booth could be created with a vintage sofa, or a trunk with old books, illuminated by an old crystal chandelier. A must is definitely the rum and cigars corner, which takes us back to the Prohibition era. This corner will be decorated with specific objects, such as an old gramophone, or playing cards, and obviously long candles on brass supports.

Vintage tableau, invitations and menus, all handmade

Vintage often means handmade, so why not use an artist to make invitations, tableaus and menus? They could be written by hand, as in the past, and decorated with velvet ribbons and lacquer wax closures. In addition, it could be a nice surprise for your guests to have a calligrapher during the reception to write their names, or even an artist who can make extemporary portraits.

What is the perfect color palette for a vintage wedding? There are no rules, but surely all the brick red colors, not too bright, and “dusty” are perfect. For example, we can use the classic ivory instead of white, combined with colors from soft nuances such as antique pink, sugar paper, powder green, to dark tones like brown, mocha, and burgundy.

Vintage wedding dress for bride and groom

Obviously, the bride and groom will have to choose vintage clothes. The bride can opt for an authentic vintage (perhaps revisiting the dress of her mother or grandmother..) or for a modern dress with vintage references, precious fabrics, ivory or cream-colored silks, perhaps with long sleeves and lace inserts. The groom can wear a broken suit, even daring with dandy-style accessories like a patterned waistcoat or a colorful bow tie.

Don’t forget to inform guests about the dress code! They will also be the protagonists and you can ask them to dress in vintage style, following the preferred period or that you will indicate. Use silk and lace dresses, feathers, pearls and accessories of the time, combined with old-styles hairstyles, eyeliner and red lipsticks. Men can also be inspired by old movies using leather shoes, hats, pocket watches and hair gel.

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