Boho-chic wedding ideas to make your day perfect

Tips to make unique your boho-chic wedding

The boho-chic wedding style is perfect for couples that desire an original marriage. A touch of rustic and country details make everything different. Boho chic marriages are a mix of rustic, vintage, and bohémien details that allow you to express your artistic soul. Here are our boho-chic wedding ideas!

Boho-chic wedding in Tuscany at Tenuta di Artimino

Planning a boho-chic marriage means creating a mix of elegant and exclusive atmosphere with rustic and country details. The balance between that aspects has to be perfect, and the better location for this kind of marriage is obviously Tuscany.

Why? Because of its countryside, the estates and the typical villages of this territory. Tenuta di Artimino is a perfect setting for this kind of wedding. This Medici villa is Unesco world heritage. The halls can host lots of guests, but the garden and the landscape all around are the real protagonist for a boho-chic wedding in Tuscany.

Our tips for a boho-chic wedding stationery

If you have already chosen the date, the wedding venue in Tuscany, and the guest list you can start planning your boho-chic wedding stationery. An original idea is customizing the design with watercolor paints and writing. From wedding invitations to the menu, and the wedding board everything has to be perfect.

Pastel colors, green, and brown are the better shades to create a rustic style. We advise you to use recycled paper and materials such as jute, cotton, and linen for decorations.

Boho-chic wedding inspiration for setup and mise en place

If you are considering planning this kind of wedding, we want to share with you some other advice. The Tuscan countryside is already a gorgeous landscape but to surprise your family and friends, you can choose rustic details for the setup: dried flowers, gold details, cotton, and linen tablecloth.

For the mise en place, the better choice is country ceramics and golden cutleries. If you really want to surprise your guests, contact us. The team of Bianco Bouquet is ready to fulfill your every wish!

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