Boho chic wedding in Tuscany: some advice and inspiration

Plan a boho wedding in Tuscany

Boho chic weddings are a mix of rustic, vintage and bohémien details that allow you to express your artistic self. However, as the word “chic” means, everything is cared for to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere. Tuscany wedding venues lend themselves perfectly to the planning of such an event.

Italian destination for a boho chic marriage

Since their first appearance, several years ago, boho chic weddings have never gone out of fashion. On the other end, Tuscany has gained in popularity as Italian destination for this kind of events. Why? Simply because the landscapes, the villas, the villages of this territory are naturally perfect scenarios.

You don’t need to add anything else. Key elements of the boho chic style are nature, wildflowers, countryside panoramas… and you can find all of this in Tuscany! Plus, you’ll have the chance to taste local recipes and local wine, among the best of the world.

Boho chic wedding venues in Tuscany

When it comes to wedding venues, Tuscany has it all: period villas, Renaissance buildings, luxury hotels… but the best venues for a boho wedding are definitely the countryside ones: villages and resorts surrounded by vineyards, sunflowers, woods, cultivated fields.

You can find this kind of venues mainly in the Chianti region, in southern Tuscany (Maremma region) or nearby the city of Siena. Here the agricultural production of Tuscany is concentrated and in fact there is also a concentration of farms and rural villages that can accommodate a wedding.

Boho chic wedding inspirations

Boho chic style is so trendy because the only limit is your imagination. Actually, you can adjust the style to your tastes and preferences choosing any type of colors, materials and decorations. We experienced some beautiful boho chic weddings in Tuscany that were actually unique, just as the protagonist couples.

Allen and Vivian got married in San Galgano Abbey. It was all about candles and pastel shades matching the ones of the Sienese countryside. Instead, the one of Francesco and Giulia was an unconventional boho wedding in the center of Florence.

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