Live again your wedding day…the wedding anniversary

Ideas to celebrate the wedding anniversary

You are now married and you are creating your story and a family, therefore your love deserves to be celebrated, of course every day, but what better occasion than an anniversary to donate yourselves something special? If you are looking for an experience that isn’t the ordinary dinner out, we give you some ideas to inspire you in creating something truly unique, because Love must always be celebrated!

How to celebrate the wedding anniversary

If you are tired of the hectic everyday life between work and commitments, then what you need is a total break! Remember that sometimes it is right and necessary to take care of your personal life, and of the couple.

Starting from the more traditional choices, like a journey, you could opt to organize a weekend in a wellness center or at a spa. Many 5-star luxury hotels are also equipped with romantic and private spas and offer packages dedicated to these occasions. In this way you can combine relaxation and cuddles with a trip out of town, perhaps even organizing a romantic dinner on a panoramic terrace of a hotel reserved exclusively for you, or in a village lost in the green, or boarding a boat with the sunset on sea ​​as frame.

Organizing the wedding anniversary: 10, 25, 50 years together

There are particularly special anniversaries, such as those that are celebrated at the stroke of 10 or 25 years of marriage. For this occasion you could organize a surprise event recalling the experience of your most beautiful day: you could excite your partner by organizing a charming symbolic ceremony during which you can renew your vows. Of course flowers and music will not be missing to make everything perfect, just like your wedding a few years before!

And why not, you could take the opportunity to hire a photographer who immortalises the most beautiful moments of this special day, so that it remains a tangible memory.

The 50th wedding anniversary

Are you instead planning 50 years of marriage? Whoever celebrates this important goal will surely want to spend a special moment. Certainly, if you have been married for 50 years, you will no longer be teenagers, therefore your children and grandchildren could be a valuable help and a precious guide. If a elaborated event is not feasible, it is possible to realize many other exciting moments like a romantic boat trip, a carriage ride through the streets of an art city, a brunch in an exclusive restaurant, a serenade played and sung in front of your house.

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