‘Tis the season to get married: organizing a December wedding

Summer is renowned to be the wedding season par excellence. Brides prefer its longer days, the sunny weather and the possibility to use open-air spaces for their wedding reception. However, having a winter wedding also allows for special celebrations, surrounded by magical atmospheres and fairy-tale settings.

Since winter days are generally shorter and the sun sets earlier, by using light effects and scented candles, we can create a soft and warm atmosphere. You can choose colours such as gold, white and silver, or even warmer tones, and celebrate your wedding in a snowy castle, a historic residence or in a villa with a fireplace. As far as attire goes, you can really feel free to indulge your whims by using dozens of accessories, such as stoles, scarves and wool or cashmere headdresses, adding an extra touch of class and character.

Getting married in the wintertime has its charm also due to the variety of flowers and textiles that may be used in this season: hawthorn, roses and tulips can be combined with velvets and damasked linens, enriching your wedding banquet and Sweets Table, already rich in desserts and chocolates. Catering options offer a wide variety of refined foods that cannot be served during the warmer months, such as veloutées, cheese fondues and savoury soups.

However, for couples that wish to celebrate their wedding in the winter months but don’t want to give up warm weather and sunny beaches, we can organize a destination wedding on a tropical island in the Carribean or on an atoll in the Maldives!

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