Renaissance wedding theme: our tips for a perfect event

Destination wedding in Tuscany for your Renaissance ceremony

Have you ever thought about a Renaissance wedding theme? We love this kind of event and, you know, Tuscany is the perfect destination for this kind of ceremony. In this territory, you will find art, culture, elegance, and exclusive wedding venues. So, you will have only to tell your desire and will take care of every detail. Are you ready to live a perfect Italian Renaissance style wedding? So, we are!

Mix the elements for a contemporary Renaissance wedding reception

When we think about a Renaissance wedding, our mind goes to Florence. Because it is the cradle of the Renaissance and, even today, offers exclusive wedding venues. As we know, Florence is our city and we have planned lots of weddings in the city. Moreover, this city hosts art galleries and museums that represent the perfect setup for unique wedding photo shoots.

Why not try to surprise guests with an original wedding reception? According to the Renaissance theme, we suggest you bring a touch of contemporary choosing a setup with statues and works of art together with colorful details. From the mise en place to the flower design, we love to mix ceramics, silk, and different elements creating something new.

How to choose the perfect Renaissance wedding dress

What about how to choose the wedding dress? Renaissance style includes large and rich in details gowns. Our advice, however, is not to exaggerate and always use a touch of modernity. How? Choose a linear-cut wedding dress. In this way, although the gown is wide, it will have a modern look that will amaze all the guests.

Rouches, silk, tulle, and textile flounces are the perfect details to enrich a Renaissance wedding style dress. And for the bouquet, of course, you have to choose roses.

Create Renaissance wedding invitations

The most important thing during wedding planning is that all aspects must be linked to each other through a well-defined style. For this reason, in addition to the wedding venue, dress, and setup, it is also important to take care of the wedding stationery and invitations for guests. Everything must be done respecting the style of the wedding.

So, for a Renaissance wedding, our advice is to focus on elegant and refined invitations. Combine warm colors and shades that recall the marble of the statues but also gold and silver. The result will be unique and refined wedding stationery. Contact us to plan your wedding!

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