It’s the little details that make a wedding stand out

A wedding’s characteristics, such as the setup, the decorations, and other details, are what contribute to enhance and turn the event into a unique experience. To be able to provide spouses with cutting-edge solutions, according to their taste, and to enrich their wedding project with details that help create an overall harmonious and exclusive effect is one of the main goals of a wedding planner.

So what steps must be followed when creating a wedding project? It’s fairly simple, and it all starts from a basic idea, which, for example, could be the style of the wedding reception: luxurious, formal, or young and vibrant? Then, together, we’ll identify the ideal venue based on your requests, and we’ll begin to imagine how and where everything will be set: from the tables and the buffet to the music and the dance floor, and even the cutting of the cake. In fact, several venues provide the possibility to use their spaces as you please. Once this is done, we can establish an overarching theme that defines you as a couple; this can be as simple as a colour, a flower, or even a fragrance… anything is fair game, really, as long as you like it!

At this point, we can begin to propose and select the main decorative elements, such as the kinds of flowers, the presence of mirrors or even lanterns, candles and vases, which will all contribute to enhance and highlight your venue’s spaces. The decorations for the tables, the chairs, the rooms, the gardens, and, in general, all those necessary for the whole venue, will slowly but surely start to come together. From this moment onwards, we will also begin to conceive the invites, the place cards, the tableau, the wedding cake, and all the other small details, always in accordance with the established theme, giving your wedding details an overall feeling of continuity and harmony. Together, we’ll take care of every detail and turn your day into a truly special moment that will represent you as a couple.
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