Italy wedding venues: our special guide

When thinking about a wedding in Italy, the first thing you have to consider is the venue. Our country is mostly covered by lush vegetation and offers incredible landscapes that can be the perfect frame for a wedding. In this article we want to give you some ideas about Italy wedding venues!

Top Italian wedding venues

Our team has experienced traveling all over the country from Lake Como to Sicily. When it comes to wedding venues, there is no lack of beauty and excellence in any region. We can accompany you and your partner visiting the top Italian wedding venues!

What are you looking for? What kind of venue has a special place in your heart? Is it a villa or a romantic castle? Maybe a luxury hotel or a charming Tuscan ‘borgo’? All of these can be found in Italy and we will be with you supporting you in making the best choice.
All the venues types that we mentioned have some pros and cons. Let’s discover them in details.

Italian wedding villas

You can find beautiful wedding villas all over Italy. However, the most famous and appreciated ones are located in Lake Como and Tuscany. Each villa has a special charm given by its unique history and appearance. Some of them are enriched with panoramic terraces or italian-style gardens you can use for ceremony and reception. Villas are the perfect venue for elegant and classical weddings in Italy.

This kind of venues is highly sought after, so you must plan and confirm your booking well in advance to be sure your wedding day will take place in that exact villa.

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Wedding day in Italian castles

You may not be aware of the fact that Italy has a lot of medieval and Renaissance castles spread throughout the country. Some of these are now ruins, but many others have been transformed into luxury event and wedding locations.

The charm of a wedding in a Italian castle has no limit. If you want to feel “princess for a day”, choose this kind of venue! Rustic-chic or super elegant, pretty much any style you will choose for your wedding can be adapted to the castle’s rooms and gardens.

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Luxury hotel wedding in Italy

A destination wedding in Italy is also an holiday for you and your guests, so why not to choose an hotel as wedding venue? Boutique hotels and luxury resorts offers a wide range of spaces to plan ceremony and reception. Services and restaurants of these kind of venue are always top quality, so you can be sure to experience the best Italy has to offer per food and wine. Hotels are the best venues if your idea is to host all of your guests in a single place for a few days, because you can book the entire place.

Also is possible to involve guests in fun activities to discover the area: cooking classes, tours and tastings. Getting married in a hotel you will have everything in one place: accommodation, ceremony and reception.

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Your wedding in a Tuscan village

Italian lifestyle and culture can be experienced in the local villages spread throughout the country. Many small towns, especially in Tuscany, seems to be frozen in time since the Middle Ages! In recent years, lots of these villages have been transformed into holiday resorts and ideal location for destination weddings.

Coming from another country, you can settle in the ‘borgo’ for a few days and enjoy the life of this small community. Getting married in a Tuscan village is a real immersion in the Italian way of living. Consider your budget, booking an entire ‘borgo’ for the wedding day can be expensive.

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