Choosing the wedding dress: chatting in the atelier

The wedding dress, fashion and trends

The wedding dress is one of the most important elements of a wedding, the one that most worries and excites every woman, the most loved by the protagonist and the most remembered by the guests. In short, this is a fundamental detail. We asked Antonio Riva, stylist of the Antonio Riva Milano maison, a few questions to find out more about this essential element for every bride.

How to choose the wedding dress

The choice of dress is a source of anxieties and fears for many women who on that very special day only want to shine wearing a dress that makes them feel confident and beautiful. In recent years, bridal fashion has produced numerous solutions and many novelties: every physicality and every preference is satisfied. The brands, Italians and not, that are dedicated to the creation of wedding dresses, each have their own style and identity that make them immediately recognizable in the eyes of an expert.

We talk about it with one of the Italian designers most appreciated by brides from all over the world: Antonio Riva, stylist of the maison that bears his name Antonio Riva Milano.

The wedding dress according to Antonio Riva Milano

Q: How did you start your career as a wedding dress designer?
A: I have always been fascinated by research and the study of shapes and aesthetics. My training path was all marked by the realization of what I am today. So I can say I’ve always been a designer.

Q: Where does the inspiration come from to create always different dresses that meet the different needs and tastes of brides?
A: I am by nature a very curious person and constantly looking for stimuli and new inspirations that I also seek through travels to discover cultures different from ours. My style is very personal and distinctive.

Antonio Riva Milano wedding dress: timeless style

Q: Which is your best advice on choosing the wedding dress?
A: When a bride chooses a dress, she must be carried away only by the emotion that the dress transmits. This is why when I create a dress, I don’t do it following the trends, but I only think about creating dresses that make my brides excite and dream. Stylish brides are timeless.

Q: What are the main trends for the wedding dress in 2021?
A: I don’t like being subject to trends. My dresses are timeless.
The important thing for me is that each of my creations can express elegance and femininity and that it can give every woman an emotion.

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