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Giving some answers according to my experience as wedding planner in Florence

As an experienced wedding planner in Florence, me and my team are aware that there is a lot of curiosity and sometimes confusion about getting married in Tuscany. In this article I hope to give you some answers about destination weddings in Tuscany from abroad and from other Italian regions too. Feel free to contact me for further information, I’ll be happy to support your dream of a Tuscan wedding!

How much is a wedding in Tuscany?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get when talking to people and my response is usually: it depends.

Let me explain better. It is difficult to answer a question like this because the cost of a wedding depends on your own choices and varies according to number of guests, number of days you plan to stay in Tuscany, extra-activities you’d like to experience before or after the wedding day and many other things.

There are lots of elements that participate in the final cost: travel fees, accommodation, decorations, venue rental, photographer, videographer, catering, graphics and stationery…

Of course, relying on a local wedding planner, you’d be able to manage your budget the best way. Why? Because she is already in contact with all kinds of suppliers and can suggest the best ones according to your needs, granting you a discount or a special offer. This usually means you’ll get to save money and fulfill all of your dreams.

How do I get married in Tuscany?

To have a legally valid wedding in Tuscany you’ll need to provide some documents and permissions required by law. The bureaucratic procedure varies according to the country of origin of the couple. The process gets simpler if one of the spouses has Italian citizenship. Anyway, we can support you along the entire process and deal with all the paperworks needed on your behalf.

If you don’t want to deal with paperworks at all, you may decide to have a legally valid wedding in your own country and then a symbolic wedding in Tuscany, or a blessing. Symbolic ceremonies let you have a lot of freedom about where to get married, how and when. It may be the perfect solution for you!

What is the prettiest town in Tuscany?

I would say Florence is the best town in Tuscany… maybe I’m being a little biased cause Florence is my home and the headquarters of my job, but I think it has everything you need for a stunning ceremony in Tuscany. It is a beautiful art city, easy to reach by plane and a perfect starting point to enjoy the best our region has to offer.

Talking about wedding venues in Tuscany, you can find a wide selection of hotels, luxury resorts and villas right within Florence. They are perfect for a princely wedding! Instead, if you are looking for a country-style wedding, you’ll be happy to know that Chianti region it’s just around the corner!

What is the best month to visit Tuscany?

Tuscany is a popular wedding destination especially from May to October. During this period, you could have a hard time finding the perfect place for your marriage. The best moment to visit Tuscany and plan your special day here is probably the first weeks of May or the lasts of October. There is usually good weather and it is not too hot so you can also have an outdoor ceremony and party.

The summer time is the most crowded period, both with tourists and weddings. Also, the Tuscan sun of June, July and August is not something you want to experience in a wedding dress. Summer weddings in Tuscany are better off on the beach or in the late afternoon, just before sunset.

How long do you have to be in Italy before getting married?

This is up to you! We recommend that you arrive in Italy at least the day before the wedding, so you can have some time to get comfortable and ready for the ceremony. A good idea is also to plan an entire weekend in Italy: a mini-holiday with your family and friends.

You can arrive on Friday and have a small party with your guests, then the wedding day on Saturday and finally a goodbye brunch on Sunday morning. This kind of wedding weekend is becoming more and more popular among brides and grooms from around the world. Think about it! We can also support you in planning fun activities for you and your guests while in Tuscany like cooking classes, horseback riding tours, wine tastings.

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