‘Tis the season to get married: organizing an April wedding

Getting Married in April?

With the start of spring, not only the flowers are blooming. The mood is rising and a wish for renewal appears. It is a perfect moment for getting married and start the “new life” officially together.

There are a lot of reasons for choosing March, April or May for a wedding in Italy. First of all, it is considered to be a period of “​medium season”. This means that the locations are more accessible compared to the much more requested summer: you could even find a place for a ​reception on Saturday! Imagine that castle you’ve always dreamt about is available to become ​the​ background of your wedding on Saturday in the middle of ​April​, together with your favourite photographer​, and you are not forced to book more than a year before!

​An evident reason is that the beautiful days are finally arriving with the perfect weather and the shining sun. An aunt won’t feel cold, father is not going to sweat from heat and everyone will be able to be dressed in light colourful dresses accompanied by only a jacket. The bride can also wear a ​gown​​ ​with open shoulders or with mid-length sleeves of white color or with a pastel tint. Moreover, the friends will be all present because the vacation period hasn’t started yet.

A less obvious fact is that you have an opportunity to make an open ​reception facing the sunset and being surrounded by flower gardens that​ ​will allow you to ​have less flower decorations​ ​compared to the other seasons. For dinner, on the contrary, an inside panoramic and frescoed hall is more of a preference. You can also stay outside under the hanging structure that from the late afternoon would contain the lightning to create warm atmosphere and add a charm to the event.

Indeed, every place from colonial villas, terraces overlooking the sea and historical palaces, that enrich ​the ​Bel Paese​​, has beautiful inside celebration halls.

​As for the flowers, spring is undoubtedly the best season. Peonies, tulips, primulas, narcissus, magnolias, camellias, daisies create an ambience of celebration that only the colo​u​rs and scents can make. At the same time also the colo​u​r palette can vary from the pastel tones to the strong red, violet or yellow tints. This season all these colo​u​rs are in trend.

Concerning the menu, you can offer your guests fresh cocktails, cold dishes such as the seafood ​​crudité​​ and not really heavy hot dishes. The sweet & fruit buffet with a nude wedding cake decorated by fresh berries, would add more colo​u​rs to your wedding celebration.

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