Wedding Picnic: an informal, modern and chic idea

If you want a fresh and informal wedding, you can choose to celebrate your special day in full picnic style. Many venues offer splendid gardens that can become the perfect scenario for a reception surrounded by flowers, olive trees and colourful decorations, with tablecloths, pillows and typical straw baskets spread out on the grass in the shade of the trees.

A beautiful countryside setting must be accompanied by a buffet-style banquet, with different thematic corners for foods and beverages, or, alternatively, just the cocktail hour can be organized in picnic style, while lunch or dinner can be served following a more traditional fashion.

The Wedding Picnic is a young and vibrant solution that many couples choose for a dynamic and fun wedding. However, let’s not forget to foresee comfortable seating for all your guests. In fact, even if you opt for an informal reception, it is important to think about the comfort of your guests and maintain a high level of both food flavour and presentation… after all, it’s still a wedding!
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