Wedding bags: welcome your guests with personalized gifts

Wedding bag, give your guests custom gadgets

Wedding bags are one of the most appreciated elements of the wedding. Impossible to renounce! Customizable in every detail, they are a perfect gift and memory to share with all the guests.

What goes inside the wedding bag?

When planning a wedding, guests are always given special attention. Wedding bags are one of them. The point is to spend a pleasant day where is not only the couple to have fun but also the friends and relatives who accompany them. So why not pamper guests by giving them some gadgets that can be useful during the ceremony and reception?

The most common objects are fans, soap bubbles, pens, slippers and tissues. A perfect kit to put all guests at ease. In recent years, the trend has been that of personalization in every detail, including gift bags for guests. So, all kinds of gadgets are admit if in line with the design and mood of the wedding.

Destination wedding welcome bags

For destination weddings, the creation of a welcome bag for guests is almost compulsory. You may not be available to greet all the guests on their arrival so giving them a basket, a box or bag with small gifts is a great way to make them feel at home and prepare them for the big day.

A welcome bag should always include the complete program of the event and all useful information to discover the surroundings of the location. There are also some local delicacies you can include in a wedding goodie bag that will surely be appreciated, in case of a wedding in Tuscany for example you can include local oil and wine!

Wedding gift bags mini corner

In addition to local delicacies, the inclusion of personalized fragrances in the wedding bag is also trendy. Smell is the sense that most triggers memories and sensations, giving your guests a perfume to take home is therefore a perfect and very original idea. Is best to choose a delicate or fruity fragrance and with this fill small nebulizers, one for each guest.

To deliver the wedding gift bags to guests, it is possible to set up a mini corner outside the ceremony site or at the entrance to the venue, perhaps decorated with floral arrangements. In addition, why not add a guestbook where guests can leave a dedication or a wish to the newlyweds. This way, the bags will not go unnoticed and can be easily collected by everyone.

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