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There are an infinite number of ways to ask your partner to marry you: you can follow tradition and pop the question during a romantic candlelight dinner, or do it in a different way. What matters is obviously the content, but the context also wants its part! Every woman dreams to see her partner bend down on one knee and take her by her hand, but this moment can be made even more unexpected and original. After all, why not combine tradition and romanticism with new and innovative ideas?

For those seeking inspiration for an original proposal, we might just have the right solution for you. Whatever you have in mind to surprise and move your partner, and turn that special yes into a magical moment, we will be by your side to give you the right suggestions, or, if you already know what you want, to make it come true.

Many have already chosen Bianco Bouquet to organize their fun and unconventional wedding proposals! We can set up flashmobs, treasure hunts, Scheherazadian nights, romantic getaways and entertaining shows. Nothing must be too staged, because the moment still needs to look and feel natural, spontaneous and genuine. With our discreet assistance, you can give life to any sort of proposal, allowing it to transform not just in a great success but also in an unforgettable memory.
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