The Protestant wedding

In most of Italy’s main cities, such as Venice, Florence and Rome, it is possible to get married according to a Protestant rite. Protestant churches can be, for example, Lutheran, Baptist, Evangelical and Anglican. If you prefer, the wedding can also be officiated in secular yet evocative locations, such as a villa’s garden or terrace. Foreigner couples usually opt for a Protestant function.

The exchange of vows and wedding bands

This kind of Christian ceremony tends to be quite brief and normally consists of a welcome rite for the guests, the reading of a few passes from the Bible, the statement of intention to wed by the bride and groom, the exchange of vows and of the wedding bands, and then ends with the blessing.

The Protestant ceremony

The guests are an integral part of the rite, as they sing hymns and repeat the vows together with the couples.

This sort of ceremony has fewer restrictions if compared to the Catholic rite, and it can also have civil recognition if you provide the Pastor with the documents retrieved from your country of residence.

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