Umair & Amina

A Pakistani destination wedding coloured Florence for 3 days

3-day event, more than 350 guests coming from all over the world, 6 months to design and plan every single detail to perfection: this was the opportunity offered to Bianco Bouquet by Amina and Umair’s families, young lovers of Pakistani origins.

Getting in touch with different cultures allows us to grow and give us great satisfactions. This is also true in this case, since we tried to fulfil our couple’s’ wishes by bringing together the Italian tradition with the Pakistani one, a different as well as fascinating culture.

When the italian wedding tradition meets the pakistan one

Getting married is a fundamental aim for everybody, but for some cultures like the Pakistani one, the wedding represents also a true union of families, not just a union of two hearts. In fact, according to tradition, wedding lasts several days and sometimes it takes place in different locations, especially if the families live in other states. In the case of Amina and Umair, Florence has been chosen to host the events related to the religious ceremony.

Knowing our customers’ wishes we tried to recreate a typical Pakistani wedding, giving particular importance to the role played by colors and decors. Even newlyweds and guests’ traditional clothes were characterized by brilliant colors: gharara, lehenga and saree enriched with elaborate gold or silver embroideries known as gota patti. Just stunning! The atmosphere created by the heartfelt participation of guests impressed us. They enriched the party with gifts, dances and songs, indeed.

Sparkling colors and embroideries

Amina and Umair wished to celebrate Nikah, Mehndi and Baraat events in 3 different Florentine venues, chosen for the beauty of their rooms and gardens, as well as for their high capacity.

On the occasion of the Nikah rite, Villa Le Corti has been transformed into an “enchanted garden”, decorated with canaries in golden cages, and natural and delicate compositions. Instead, Villa Palmieri has been decorated with bright colours and animated by choreographed dances and concerts until the sunrise to celebrate the Mehndi day. Finally, on the last day, the Umair entrance at Palazzo Corsini on a horse – the Baraat – got the real reception started. This latest event included an Italian gala dinner. Between a course and another one, relatives and friends made some speeches. Moreover, an amazing tenor’s performance surprised everybody.

Nikah, Mehndi and Baraat

On the occasion of the Nikah, Villa Le Corti was transformed into an “enchanted garden”, complete with canaries in golden cages, and natural and delicate compositions. Villa Palmieri, on the other hand, has been decorated with brightly colored arrangements and animated by concerts and choreographed dances until dawn for the Mehndi. Finally, on the last day, Umair’s entrance on horseback to Palazzo Corsini – the Baraat began the actual reception, which included an Italian gala dinner interspersed with speeches by relatives and friends and by the performance of the tenor who left everyone breathless.

The combination of the locations – so ancient and typically “Italian” – and the Pakistani scents, colors, and rituals have given life to a dream wedding, far from commonplaces, that we have lived feeling part of a special experience .


Photo and video: Studio Fotografico Righi
Concept & Design: Bianco Bouquet
Venues: Villa Le Corti, Villa Palmieri, Palazzo Corsini
Flowers: Il Giardino delle Fate
Catering: Galateo Ricevimenti
Sound, lighting and entertainment: Kaleydo by Nec
Stages: Kaleydo by Nec
Wedding Cake: Sugarcups
Marquee: Preludio

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