Wedding trends for 2021: our advice and predictions

What weddings will look like in 2021

Weddings trends change every year and as time passes everyone involved in this industry changes too according to fashion and latest news. Usually we talk about color palettes, flower types and decorations, but 2020 had a huge impact on almost every element of wedding planning. In this article we want to share with brides and grooms what we think weddings will look like in 2021.

The new approach to marriage in 2021

The health emergency had an impact on every country of the world. Couples who did get married in 2020 had to accept lots of compromises and the event looked a little bit different from their original idea. In 2021, brides and grooms will need a whole new different approach to the wedding.

No one wants to give up on celebrating their wedding day but safety comes first. Couples are focused on ensuring the best experience, comfort and relaxation to their guests. An expert wedding planner will surely be able to help and face every new situation.

The tiny wedding

As large crowds are now facing restrictions, a new trend is coming out: the tiny wedding. We are talking about a small wedding reception and party with a selected number of guests, usually around 50 people. When it comes to small weddings is all about finding the right place. It has to be cozy and obviously beautiful, it’s all about balancing spaces and guests capacity.

We are sure we are going to see lots of couples looking for small wedding venues in Florence. Our team can help with that, rely on experts and local planners to find the perfect place to host your tiny wedding in Tuscany.

Weekdays weddings

Couples who followed our advice and postponed the wedding day instead of cancelling it, made it to reserve a date on the weekend for 2021. For everyone else is going to be difficult finding a weekend that is not already booked, especially in the summer period. So, we are sure we are going to see lots of weddings on weekdays!

Getting married on a weekday is not bad at all, actually it can be a good opportunity to save money and to work with the best vendors in town. In fact, wedding professionals like floral designers, caterers, photographers and videographers, are easily available on weekdays and full of work on the weekends.

Innovation in wedding catering

As for what concerns food and beverage, trends say we are going to see more and more individualized portions. The traditional wedding buffet will be sidelined in favor of a more casual and safe way to enjoy the meal. Brunch-themes, cocktail hour inspirations, bite-size portions and also wedding pic-nics are going to rule the scene. Mini cakes are the next big thing for weddings in 2021.

High-end catering companies are already innovating the industry with new ideas and proposals. In fact, it’s ok to downsize but it’s important to keep the level of food and service to the top.

More elopements than ever

Elopements will probably increase in popularity too. Our team can suggest the best destinations to elope in Italy and one is surely the city of Florence. Being a human-size city surrounded by the hills, Florence has everything you need to plan a perfect elopement.

Eloping in Florence you’ll be sure to avoid all the restrictions related to the number of guests and celebrate the love of your life in an intimate and authentic way. When you reduce the guests you have, you can afford to enjoy more and focus on the smaller details. We can help you create a made-to-measure wedding day even if it’s just the two of you!

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