Postpone the wedding: our advice on how not to panic

What if an unexpected event puts marriage at risk?

Every bride and groom dreams of a smooth, happy and fun event for their wedding day for them, their family and friends. During the months of preparation, expectations get higher and higher, but what if that special day has to be postponed?

Short guide to successfully postpone your wedding day

Every wedding planner during his career finds herself, sooner or later, having to manage a wedding to be postponed. The causes generally concern the couple’s personal reasons such as sudden mourning, betrayals, illnesses. For two months now, however, the reason is only one: the social distancing imposed by the authorities because of the coronavirus.

Never as in this period, brides need a guide to overcome stress and new anxieties connected to the situation. In this article we want to provide them with all the help they need using our wedding planner experience.

1. Postpone, do not cancel

First of all it is important to remain calm, nothing is lost. The work done in the previous months is by no means to be thrown away, indeed small changes could be enough to create a successful event just as desired.

The advice we give to all our couples is to postpone the wedding by choosing a new date available together with the venue and the other actors already involved in the event. The coronavirus has affected everyone, every supplier will be more than happy to accommodate your request for a referral. In this case you can easily keep all the services already fixed.

2. Be flexible on the new date

Do not hesitate to choose an unconventional date or month, such as November or December. If the chosen venue already provides an adequate internal space we will be able to make it magical with decorations and settings made to measure according to the theme of the wedding and your tastes.

Canceling the wedding is not the solution, because in that case you will have to start from scratch with all the preparations! Not to mention the economic damage. In fact, if you have already paid a deposit to the catering, the photographer, etc. … you may completely lose it or even be forced to reimburse the entire agreed amount. Before making this decision, we advise you to check the contracts in detail.

3. Prepare for some compromise

Some compromises will be inevitable, but changing certainly does not mean worse. For example, have you ever thought about celebrating your wedding with a few selected guests? Only in the company of the people most dear and important to you. Reducing the number of guests could be enough to comply with the rules that will come into force in the coming months.

It will be a romantic elopement that you will remember forever. We have ready for you numerous destinations and venues throughout Tuscany and Italy suitable for hosting both the ceremony and the reception and with some suites where to stay. Furthermore, a reduction in the number of guests could also lead to a reduction in the amounts for the services already fixed!

4. Notify the change of date

Once the new date has been decided and confirmed with locations and suppliers, you will have to communicate it to the guests. If you have already sent the invitations, we can also think of sending a “Change the Date” that reflects their style.

Don’t be in a hurry, the situation is such that we don’t know how events will evolve. First, notify your guests only that the date of the event will have to be changed, then when you are sure, tell them when the big day will take place. In this way they will have the opportunity to cancel flights or trips already set to reach you and set new ones in due course.

5. Don't stop

What to do if you are in the middle of the preparations, but a sudden global pandemic puts everything in question? First consider whether it is really worth stopping. The emergency will end and then the idea of celebrating and joining will be stronger than before.

If you are planning your wedding after the end of summer or at the beginning of the new year, don’t stop and rather contact us, we will know how to support you in this difficult period of uncertainty.

Postponed wedding: how to behave

Force majeure may force you to postpone the wedding at any time. The event we are experiencing is, in this sense, an exception. But don’t worry, often what is needed is a little patience and flexibility, if you add to this the help of a professional in the sector, you can be sure that your event will still be a success.

Beyond the details, your wedding day will always be special precisely for what it represents: the beginning of a life together with your greatest love. So, don’t lose your temper, find a compromise for the new date and celebrate as you always wanted!

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