Wedding venues: 6 reasons to get married in an Italian castle

Why getting married in a castle?

An exclusive wedding, set in a timeless place, to feel like king and queen at least for the wedding day: we reveal you 6 reasons to get married in a castle.

Just like a fairy tale...

1. ROMANTICISM – getting married in a castle is the dream of every romantic couple. A magic atmosphere is guaranteed, but it must be helped by the right setting, a palette of soft colours with a touch of gold, warm lights that illuminate all facades and the court. A “royal” stationary, along with a stamp with the bride and groom’s personal logo, is the final touch of class. Close your eyes and imagine: the sunset, the photos taken among the spires, the panorama in the background, the dinner among crystal chandeliers in a large frescoed hall, a beautiful dress with a wide skirt…

2. THE CHARM OF A DIFFERENT AGE – other couples, however, choose a fortress because conquered by the majesty of the architecture, the centuries-old stones and fireplaces, the precious mosaics and frescoes that decorate the rooms, or even by the beautiful gardens. You will become part of the history that those ancient walls enclose.

Wedding in a castle

3. STUNNING LANDSCAPES – In Italy there are a lot of castles of every century and they all are located on the hills, surrounded by breathtaking views. Whether the venue is in the countryside or it overlooks the sea, suggestion and perfect photos are guaranteed!

4. FABULOUS WEEKEND – If you want to try a real experience with your guests, choose a manor that has rooms available or that is sited in a real Medieval borgo. In this way the wedding will become a weekend in a fabulous location. You will have the opportunity to spend a few days out of time, in rooms that may have kept the original furniture or been revisited in a modern way: in any case, it will be an adventure to tell!

A special and unique venue

5. UNIQUENESS – choosing a castle as venue, surely you will differentiate your event from most weddings. Exclusivity is also given by the possibility of using different spaces for different moments: the courts can host the dinner or the party, while in the garden the civil or symbolic ceremony could be celebrated, not to mention that the interiors are perfect in case of plan B. If you are lucky, the chosen castle could also have a small private church where to celebrate the Catholic rite.

6. THEME ENTERTAINMENT – it may be interesting to experience a few minutes in the era that “hosts” your wedding. Flag-wavers, minstrels, portraitists, jugglers: there are many options to entertain guests.

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