2023 wedding trends: our team’s tips and predictions

2023 wedding: what do we expect?

Finally, weddings are celebrated in a normal way, and brides and grooms do not want to give up celebrating in their dream venues surrounded by family and their most loved ones. The wedding industry is finally recovering, but what do we expect about 2023 wedding trends? Here are our team’s tips and predictions!

Wedding dress trends for 2023

Let’s start from the beginning. Talking about wedding dress trends for 2023 there are some certainties: short gowns, wedding dresses with the bow, which is one of the most trendy elements of the new collections, and colorful wedding dresses from pink powder to peach.

However, whatever you choose, the important thing is that you feel comfortable in your dream gown. You will immediately understand what is right for you because looking at yourself in the mirror, your smile will be shining.

2023 wedding color trends

From the dress to the setups, bright colors will be the absolute protagonists. For the ceremony, tableau marriage, and mise en place on the table you can choose between large floral arrangements in bright colors, painted porcelain, candles, and cheerful lights.

Also, the wedding cake can be colored and enriched with cascades of colorful flowers. The wedding atmosphere will be happy and joyful.

2023 bridal trends: BB’s support in every choice

The organization of a wedding is not a simple thing. Our advice for the bride is always to rely on a local wedding planner, who knows how to handle every detail.

Our job is to stay up to date on new trends, including regarding the bride. Therefore, you can always refer to us for doubts or uncertainties. Our team is available for all your needs, but above all to make your dreams come true.

Rely on an experienced wedding planner

If your boyfriend or girlfriend just proposed, we’re here for you! What is certain is that if you decide to rely on an experienced wedding planner, everything will be easier than before.
With their experience, in fact, professionals will be able to face every new situation and support you in the planning.

A wedding planner will also provide you with tips and original ideas in line with your requests. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now! The Biancobouquet team is ready to plan your wedding, too.

Discover what we can create for you

Together we will be able to plan your bespoke wedding, contact us!


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