Photography as storytelling: the wedding reporter’s secrets

Nowadays, we feel the need to immortalize every moment we experience. We want to “seize the moment”, literally. Since photography has assumed such an important role in our daily life, it is easy to understand that this is a fundamental element to make the wedding day eternal: there is no event without photos to prove it!

This is why choosing the photographic studio is one of the first and most important decisions that you future newlyweds have to take. There is a large offer, every professional has his/her own style: you must find the one that best represents you. David Bastianoni – multi-award winning photographer-wedding reporter, whose work has been published by international magazines – tells us about this passionate and complex job.

David, why did you decide to immortalize weddings and how did you become one of the most famous professionals?
I’ve found in photography the way of combining many interests of mine: the desire to get to know each other and myself, the need to discover places and traditions. Photography is my greatest passion, indeed.

I don’t think to be famous, maybe some clients are popular. I’ve always wished to improve my photographic vision of weddings, trying to be more and more appreciated.

How can we distinguish the work done by a professional photographer from that done by an amateur?
I don’t like generalizing and I don’t wish to defend the professionals, but I wish to promote photography. A professional photographer knows how to realize an excellent work, while an amateur – as the word itself says – can rely only on passion and love. Unfortunately, nowadays, this is not enough to achieve a perfect result.

You are a “storyteller” and your style is immediately recognisable: your photos are perfect, they look like paintings! What do you look for when you shoot?
I don’t know if describing myself as a storyteller. I’ve always tried to tell the story of what should be remembered of an event. I don’t like to talk about “style”: I don’t know if I have a style, I try to photograph what I really like and get to know the subject that I’m catching to enhance its content, no matter whether it is a portrait or a stationary.
The idea of the paintings, however, was born from an adoration for the Florentine renaissance period. Now I’m trying new ways, you’ll see the next steps…

How do you persuade newlyweds who think it is a waste of time to take couple pictures or the guests who find the group photos boring?
Photography is an act that takes two to be realized: the photographer and the subject. I believe that to amuse or be credible, I must first have fun and be credible while I’m working. There are no tricks, just and simply wanting to create a great job in that moment.

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