Winter wedding: how to choose venue and setup

Winter wedding, why you should think about it

The winter wedding has, without a doubt, a great charm. For those who do not like the heat but prefer milder temperatures, a marriage in the winter season is the best choice. In this way, you can organize a ceremony characterized by romantic settings, with references to snow and Christmas, winning the hearts of your guests.

The best venues for a winter wedding

As in any wedding to plan, the first step is choosing the venue. How to make everything perfect? Well, the best practice is choosing a typical winter place. Think about sumptuous halls full of winter settings. Or a glass greenhouse to be transformed into a beautiful “Giardino d’Inverno” (winter garden).

But if you really want to impress your guests, why not go for chalets or hotels in the mountains where you can really breathe the winter climate? It will be an opportunity to give your loved ones an unusual experience, which will remain in their memory.

The perfect setting for your Christmas wedding

The arrangements for a winter wedding are the central element of the reception. Winter, and especially a wedding in December, will give you the opportunity to create decorations ranging from white to gold and silver. Stars, ribbons, pine cones, and artificial snow will be the protagonists.

If you want to give a more original touch, choose red. This color is perfect for planning the arrangements of a wedding at Christmas. So, pick red roses or Christmas stars, and a centerpiece with holly, lights, and candles. A touch of magic!

How to dress at a winter wedding

Do you think the cold of winter will make it impossible to find the perfect wedding dress? Don’t worry! Our tip is to choose the dress you like and then intervene with changes that meet your needs.

You can always accompany the dress with ecological faux fur, stoles and shoulder covers that can shelter you from the cold. Long sleeves and closed shoes are an additional element to consider. In short, the possibilities are endless, and the Bianco Bouquet team is also available to give you these tips!

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