Wedding stationery: details and advice with the expert Raffaella Oddo

Bespoke wedding stationery

Wedding stationery is an essential detail of the wedding day and it deserves to be planned and created by an expert designer. Our team often relies on professional designers to come up with something unique, completely customized to the wedding couple, the style and mood of their event.

Wedding stationery designer

To dive into the wedding stationery world we had a talk with Raffaella Oddo, an architect, a teacher and a designer with whom we collaborate a lot. She’s creative and passionate about graphics and materials, drawing and calligraphy and always helps us in creating just the right stationery for our wedding couples.

Keep reading this article to find out more about wedding stationery etiquette and trends for the next season. Remember: details matter… They can make a huge difference and really please your guests. Invitations, menus, thank you cards, welcome signs, seating plan are all part of the success of the event.

What stationery is needed for a wedding?

By wedding stationery we mean all the coordinated graphics that accompany the event,
from invitations to the thank you card. In recent years it has become a very important detail to take care of and customize.

Save the date and invitation, mass booklet, menu, seating plan and tags that accompany the favors are only the necessary paper supports. To these are often added welcome bags, thanks cards, welcome signs, maps and itineraries, website, and anything that may be a courtesy for the guest, but always with particular attention to detail.

How do you create personalised wedding invitations?

In recent years, the couples have increasingly wanted to create a unique and tailor-made event. This is why custom stationery is increasingly in demand. The designer collects all the information on the customer’s tastes, on the design of the set-up, the venue, the style and the color palette used, to create proposals that blend perfectly with the entire event and become an integral part of it.

It starts with the study of generic design which will then be adapted to the entire wedding stationery, creating a captivating and effective thread.

Does the bride’s name go first on wedding invitations?

According to the etiquette, the announcement should be made by the parents but nowadays this formula is often replaced by a more modern one that provides for the announcement by the couple.

In both cases the groom’s name will be on the left and the bride’s name on the right. To answer the question, the modern formula is nothing more than an evolution of the traditional one.

What are the latest trends in wedding stationery?

The study of custom graphics is, in general, the trend of the moment. Going more into the question, the latest fashion in terms of stationery is, certainly, that of resuming the floral details chosen for the setting, in the form of fresh watercolors which, together with calligraphy and frayed papers, create a personalized but tasteful and elegant design.

With the use of flowers and leaves it is possible to range from the more romantic style with the use, for example, of delicate flowers in powdery colors to the more rustic one with olive branches to the more oriental or exotic one with the use of lively colors.

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