The Indian wedding rite

We had the pleasure and the privilege of giving a peek into Indian culture by organizing a few magnificent Hindi weddings, where traditions and rites are as different from Western ceremonies as they are fascinating.

The day of the wedding, the ceremony is set up underneath the Mandapa, a very colourful gazebo decorated with flowers, where the sacred fire (Samagree) is lit, and where the vows between the bride and groom are witnessed. The Baraat is the procession of the groom, who normally arrives on horseback, accompanied by a motley procession at the sound of music and percussion.

The minister celebrates the wedding in Sanskrit, and the couple offer each other yogurt, honey, and coconut, and also exchange wreaths made of flowers. The groom promises the father of the bride – for three times – that he will assist her in the three goals of matrimony: Dharma, Artha, and Kama (Kanyadaan). The minister then ties one hem of the bride’s Sari to the shirt of the groom, forming a knot, and together they throw their offerings into the sacred fire to receive blessing (Vivaaha). The couple walks three times around the sacred fire, reciting Vedic prayers for their union. At the end of each round, the bride and groom put their foot onto a rock.

The couple is officially named husband and wife after Seven Steps around the fire, or around small piles of rice and flowers, which symbolize prosperity. This is the main and crucial part of the rite, and is called Saptapadi. Each step corresponds to a solemn vow that the couple promise each other. The groom sets some red powder on the bride’s forehead, indicating that she has now become his wife. The families and guests offer gifts to the newlyweds and throw flower petals at them.

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